Posted by: Ciaran | November 17, 2009

Leader of the pack?

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones last week gave a lecture to us here at CJS entitled ‘From typewriter to Twitter‘, chronicling some of the changes which have taken place in his career in journalism since he began at the BBC in 1981.

He described how in the 1980s compiling a news piece for television was such a team-based job, reeling off the writers (producers, reporters and editors) and the craftworkers (cameramen, film, lighting and sound technicians, and engineers).  He compared that to now, where he described reporters now as having a dual role as both ‘lone wolf’ and ‘team player’.

It’s quite a paradox, that.  Because using digital technology, a reporter can go out and compile all kinds of different pieces of content – audio, video, stills, not to mention good-old fashioned copy – fairly easily by themselves.  So in that sense, it is easy to be a lone wolf – if I want to I can go out to a story and film an interview which I can then use in full alongside the copy for my piece online, and then produce a podcast using the audio.

But I need the ‘team player’ aspect to make it work, because the sphere of social media is essentially a collaborative one – there’s no point in me making the content if I don’t have anyone to share it with. 

In that spirit, I’m currently in the process of getting myself into some more network-type things: I’m trying to build a Google Map with the photos from this blog pinned to it which I hope to have up and running in due course; I’ve joined Delicious and will be posting my bookmarks as soon as I’m capable; and I’m hoping to get an invite to have a play around with Google Wave soon.

Time for the lone wolf to join the pack…


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