Posted by: Ciaran | November 24, 2009

The cult of DIY

Rushing dishevelled into the Law building last week (post-Marines exercise with Tom Mooney et. al, which may feature in a later blog post), I was glad to have only missed the opening couple of minutes of what was a very intriguing lecture by Joanna Geary, the Business Development Editor for Online at The Times.

Joanna’s story of how she carved out her own career path by building networks through blogging was both interesting and inspiring.  It was yet another indication that in an industry which is generally seen to be crumbling, being proactive and innovative are the keys to building a successful career.

Her advice to be “obsessive” about media news struck me the most; maintaining contact with the communities within which you interact and trying to keep ahead of the curve are clearly the way to keep building an individual profile despite the gradual decline of traditional journalism, which could be seen as enclosed within fortresses (pp.6-18).

Joanna built a blogging network at the Birmingham Post and, while she admitted that it wasn’t perfect, it was sufficiently successful to raise her profile further and eventually help land her a job working for Mr Murdoch in London. 

A bit of Googling just now showed more than 19 million results are found for the search term ‘Birmingham Post blogs’.  Pretty impressive for something that started little over two years ago with Joanna sat on the floor being flummoxed by DIY.


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