Posted by: Ciaran | January 2, 2010

In my case – Travel wash

Despite the fact that most people would say this is only essential for backpackers, travel wash should be in your suitcase wherever you’re going; if you’re on a cruise or staying in a nice hotel then paying for laundry is an easily avoidable extra expense, and even more so if you just want to freshen up a few pairs of socks or one of the youngsters has thrown their dinner down their favourite t-shirt.

It’s relatively quick and easy to use.  All it takes is a container (bucket, bath, emptied out bin – be resourceful) with a couple of spoonfuls of the solution squirted into some water (which can be either hot or cold – a real perk in places where your supply of hot water is erratic or non-existent) and then about half an hour of allowing the clothes to soak in the solution.  You can even attack stains if you apply some of the solution directly to the affected area. 

Having been travelling in Asia for five weeks, my whites are still whiter than white. The hat, by contrast, is ruined...

After you’ve allowed the clothes to soak, rinse the solution out of them under the tap and then wring them out and hang them up.  If you’re in an air-conditioned room you’ll get things dry very quickly, which is another advantage of washing clothes yourself.  I used Dr Beckmann Travel Wash, which you can buy in most major supermarkets, and found it very reliable and useful. 

If you’re using it repeatedly then travel wash such as this is no substitute for being able to give your clothes a thorough wash in a machine, but as a way of keeping things fresh for as long as a month or two then it’s absolutely perfect.



  1. Useful tip – I’m sure I’d have had to consider my options the week or so before I set off travelling, but now I have my answer to hand.

    Would I be right in assuming that this gel is sold in 10ml tubes to please airport security?

  2. I used a 100ml tube and just took it in my checked in baggage – not really the kind of thing you need on the plane! 😉

  3. Ah yes, I should have thought that one through properly! For 5 months, is a 100ml tube adequate or should I expect to buy a replacement while I’m abroad?

  4. Depends where you’ll be when and what you’ll have access to. I’d say you’ll get through about four in that time and I’d take as many as you can from here with you – you might get some in Australia but everywhere else is less likely. The tubes aren’t very big, and just make sure you use the packing skill of removing all extraneous packaging – surprising how much space you save.

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