Posted by: Ciaran | January 7, 2010

In my case – Trek towel

This one is a bit more specific to people who are doing something like backpacking or inter-railing, though wherever you are going it is generally worth having your own towel with you – and when they’re as small, light and portable as these then it’s no bother to take one.

I own one of these and it is absolutely fantastic; it dries quickly, it packs away to a very small size and it is treated with anticbacterial products designed to keep it clean and fresh.  I used it for five weeks continuously in the summer without once having the chance to wash it and it is as good as its word – it doesn’t smell, and it doesn’t stay damp (I never even found myself needing to wring it out as the website advises).

An extra large towel - not much bigger than an iPod

It does feel very different from an average cotton towel on your skin, though, and it takes a few days to get used to its slight clamminess.  However, its benefits far outweight its costs and owning one of these towels is an absolute must for anyone doing some independent travelling.  Best of all, you can still use it as a convenient gym towel or take it if you’re heading for a weekend away when you are back at home.  The antibacterial coating is good for 25 washes – and obviously it need not be washed as regularly as you would wash a cotton towel – so they are long-lasting.



  1. had never heard of those towels, clearly worth it! thx for sharing

    • Pleasure! Yes definitely worth it – not expensive at all for what you get, not to mention the packing space and weight you save.

      • exactly, towels are one of the things that usually take more bag space, now just need some way to pack trousers and shoes 😛

    • When you pack trousers do you roll them up rather than fold them? That is a good way of saving space and minimising creases. Shoes are more tricky and obviously there are so many different styles – my only suggestion is to try and pack small things (socks, batteries, small toiletries etc.) inside the shoes.

  2. These towels are fantastic! I used one whilst in Vietnam however i did wash mine! I also took one when I went to Sri Lanka for six weeks and again only washed it once! They are so quick to dry and they are brilliant at drying you, when you dont have a lot of privacy to get dry in!

  3. Very useful post and comments, I’m amazed I don’t already have one of these. Really handy that they come in big sizes too, although very relieved to hear of their excellent performance since the price couldn’t be described as “budget”! I’ll definitely be buying a large one of these for my travels, since there’ll be a lot of nights spent in mixed shared dorms.

    Ciaran, did you buy yours online from the website your second link sends you to?

    • Yeah they aren’t cheap but they really are worth the money – as I said the antibacterial protection is good for 25 washes so they will go for aeons. I’d go for the extra large one if I was you – giant probably unnecessarily big and large not big enough.

      I bought mine in Blacks and I can’t quite remember what price I paid – somewhere around that figure, maybe slightly more or slightly less. I’d be inclined to have a look in Blacks/Millets etc. next time you’re out. Hope that helps 🙂

      • Thanks, it definitely does. Just the mention of Blacks sends shivers down my bargain-loving spine. I tend to think of it as being overpriced compaired to the likes of Millets and Go Outdoors (“CCC” in Sheffield). I’ll certainly have a look in stores as well as online, hopefully there’ll be some sales on!

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