Posted by: Ciaran | January 12, 2010

In my case – Money belt

Money belts are pretty much the height of uncool.  They’re only better than bum bags on the basis that they are worn on the inside of your clothes.

But wherever you’re going travelling, it’s a pretty good idea to have one handy.  A lot comes down to the place that you’re staying in and the area you’re visiting.  If you’re backpacking then it’s worth keeping your valuables (money, passport, travel insurance, cash and credit cards, driving licence) on you when you’re actually travelling, but if you have a room in a hotel or hostel then your best bet is to leave those items in your rucksack and secure the bag itself with a Pacsafe.

They don’t come cheap but they are well worth forking out for as they make your bag virtually impenetrable; you can then safely leave them in rooms, on overnight trains and in even the most questionable ‘left luggage’ room so long as you can fix it to something.  That way when you’re out and about you can just keep a bit of cash handy.

But when you can’t avoid taking large sums of money and important documents with you, then go for a money belt.  Keep a few things in mind when you buy one: if you’re going somewhere warm then make sure the material is not cotton as it will feel very hot and uncomfortable against your skin.  If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in any big city (and especially in built-up areas like tourist attractions and train stations) then going for one like this, which has a steel wire within the belt strap, is a great idea as it means thieves can’t cut it off you.  You can buy them from the high street as well as the internet.

As with most things like this, there is a lot of choice out there so go for whatever suits you best.


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