Posted by: Ciaran | January 26, 2010

Reasons to love travelling #11 – Dancing

This one is just going to be a quick laugh at my own expense really.  As we already know, I can’t do yoga.  Another thing I learnt in India, whilst in the pink city of Jaipur, is that my traditional Rajasthani dancing isn’t so great either.

Hope the back to the camera slightly disguises my lack of grace

I was out for a drink one night in one of the city’s less conventional nightspots when, after a couple of bottles of Kingfisher, I was finally persuaded that dancing in front of a restaurant full of fellow travellers was a great idea.  In some ways, it wasn’t; my moves were more akin to that of the elephant I’d been sat on the back of earlier in the day than the Indian version of Wayne Sleep that I was embroiled in a dance-off with, and the combination of energetic dancing on top of a few pints and the early stages of amoebic dysentery didn’t make me feel altogether too brilliant.

Almost sat down - my kind of dancing

But it was wonderful fun, and reminded me of holidays when I was younger and I’d always been too embarrassed to get up and have a boogie with my Gran.  Holidays are about letting go and trying something new – even if you do look like a prat!

The face as I walk away says it all, really...


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