Posted by: Ciaran | January 28, 2010

My travel wishlist

I’ve just spent the last five minutes in a daze dreaming about various places I want to visit; my current top 10 (no particular order, and somewhat disparate) are below.  I’d be interested in anything people that have visited have got to say about them and also in anywhere you would like to visit, so leave me a comment 🙂

  • Moscow
  • Tibet
  • San Francisco
  • Sri Lanka
  • Las Vegas
  • Vietnam
  • Bolivia
  • China
  • Brazil
  • Croatia


  1. I can relate to the travel bug syndrome!

    Spent four years living in Sri Lanka (long before the Tsunami) and, aside from the odd bomb or three, it was great! The people are really friendly and there’s so much culture to explore, especially Kandy in the north. Highlights include the Elephant Orphanage and the beautiful beaches along the south coast. I’ve got a craving to go back and see what it’s like now, 10 years on.

    Loved San Fran! Loads to do and see and it’s uber cosmopolitan – people, shops and restaurants from all corners of the globe.

    Spent a night in Dubrovnik at the end of a holiday to Montenegro, very touristy but worth visiting the walled-in Old Town. No Euros either so you can make very little money go a long way!

    My own wish list at the moment: Peru (including Machu Picchu of course), India and a handful of European cities I’ve not been to yet…

  2. I’ve been to Vegas, Sri Lanka (quite young though), San Francisco and Croatia out of that list. Oh and I used to live in Moscow (and St. Petersberg).

    Desperately want to go to Brazil and play football on the beach. Sad I know but one of my life ambitions. I’ve played football with Brazilians on a beach but the beach was in Australia….. not the same methinks.

    I’ve travelled a lot and its weird to say my two favourite places are Istanbul and Sydney. God, how unoriginal of me! would love to say something a bit more eccentric but i just love those places. (my dad lived in Istanbul for a while and i just fell in love with the place).

    anyhoo, good stuff mate.

  3. Two great replies so far – thanks ever so much to Julia and Nick. Always find it really fascinating to learn people have lived abroad – makes me very jealous!

    I don’t think your choices are unoriginal Nick – I’ve not been to Sydney so can’t comment on that one but I absolutely love Istanbul too, such a vibrant place.

    • Nick – Have been to Brazil and played Football and Cricket on a beach before some kids proceeded to steal our stumps. It was quite the experience and well worth it.

      Having been to America a fair bit in my life, i would like to turn my attention to the South again, particuarly Argentina. However, never been to California and deffo want to go to LA and LV.

      New Zealand is also on the wish list, it looks one hell of a beautiful country.

      Of the places i have been that i would recommend, Denver, Colorado is one of my favourite places in the world. Very friendly people, vibrant down to earth city and the nearby Rockies are stunning. Sao Paulo and Oslo also high up on my list.

  4. Hey … just passing through, doing random blog visits. I’m new to this whole wordpress thing … hope you don’t mind me commenting.

    I LOVE to travel. Unfortunately, I don’t (can’t) do it often enough. I’ve been to a few of the U.S. basics: New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington D.C. etc. (I live in Florida so pretty much everywhere in Florida I’ve been also!) As for traveling abroad, I’ve only been out of my country twice: once on a (supposed) 3 week trip to Ireland, Scotland and England where they lost my luggage and I came home after a week … and once to Japan where I spent 10 glorious days.

    As for places still on my travel wish list … well, there are far too many to list here!

  5. As Jules has said, Croatia is certainly worth a visit. Despite the ever-growing touristic nature (although ‘tourists’ have been going there since the 19th century), the combination of the history, clear blue sea and sundrenched climate make it a must. Also worth a quick visit over the border to Bosnia to see the flip-side of Croatia’s relative prosperity, and to Montenegro where the sea is somehow even clearer, and you can get involved in the ‘Monaco of the Adriatic’.
    Unfortunately haven’t been to any of the other places, although Moscow and South America would be top of my list. Also Lithuania, as it has the first statue to be erected of Frank Zappa anywhere, although I’m not sure why.
    If I had my own wishlist I suppose it would consist of:
    Mexico and a million other places.

    • Hate to disappoint you Franko but I’ve been to Lithuania – didn’t see Zappa – and it was a real heap.

  6. I have a map in my room marked with all the places in the world i wanna get the chance to see and as I am yet to travel its pretty long but top of the list would be
    Rio de Janeiro
    New Zealand
    New York
    Hong Kong
    the list could go on and on lol

  7. My top ten places I’d like to visit (no particular order):
    Great Barrier Reef
    New Zealand

    Highly influenced by the last 5 years of studying. Thankfully will tick a few off the list in the next 6 months.

    Franko: Visiting Venezuela in a few months, can let you my thoughts when I’m back if you’re likely to visit – ?

    The web we weave: I’ll be spending three weeks in NZ in May, will write a blog along the way. Also, my parents have been to Cuba, Rio and HK and recommend all (though be street savvy in Cuba, lots of scams to rip you off)

    nrcmoore: I have ten days in San Fran, a week in Sydney and two days in Vegas, what would you recommend?

  8. Haven’t been to any on your list but would love to go to South America, especially Brazil and Machu Picchu, although more wary of the latter after reading this blogpost
    Also very envious of uni mates working in Singapore and Dubai respectively – two parts of the world I’ve never visited. Still, hopefully off to Vegas in the summer so that’ll be one to cross off the (long) list

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