Posted by: Ciaran | February 2, 2010

Production day number one

Having not long returned from the first production day for the newspaper diploma group here at CJS and, inspired by my colleague’s Josh Pettitt’s AudioBoo journal of his newsgathering experience, I thought I’d mark the day with a quick diary entry post to remind me of the day in the weeks to come…

I was Chief Sub-editor, which basically meant organising what would go where on the pages and then relaying that information to the sub-editing team who made the pages look snazzy.

The 7am start was surprisingly painless and the day didn’t feel long at all, although the few hours up to deadline at 4.30pm passed by in a bit of a blur.  Still, we got the paper out on time – we’re talking in seconds – and it looked pretty good.  Solid ground to build upon…

Some of the copy should soon be appearing on Capture Cardiff, a brand new hyperlocal news site for Cardiff which is just getting off the ground.  It is the brainchild of Dan Bloom and is going to be run by us crazy newspaper students so keep an eye on it.  I’m glad to say I’m part of it and I’ll soon be putting a Capture Cardiff page up on here where I’ll be linking to my content on the site.

Which is heavily dependent on me pulling in some stories for production days – roll on Friday!


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