Posted by: Ciaran | February 17, 2010

Production day five

The eagle-eyed among you will have immediately noticed there is no record of production day four in between three and five. I missed a day last Friday due to being at the 2010 Student Council for the National Council for the Training of Journalists; you can read an article I wrote about the day by clicking here. Also, I did a day’s placement at Media Wales on Sunday, where I was fortunate enough to get an article in print in the Western Mail on Monday about a student who fell 100 feet while ice-climbing.

But anyway, on to the matter at hand. Yesterday’s production day was pretty heavy for me as I was in Cardiff Crown Court covering a rape trial. It was harrowing stuff and listening to the evidence was pretty hard going. Reporting on it was a real challenge (for legal reasons) and further brought home to me the importance of a tight knowledge of media law.

Once I’d returned to the office and got the copy done, though, it was my happy duty to walk down to Nicolas, a wine shop on St Mary Street, and pick two lovely bottles of vino to review for our next production day on Friday. The better side of journalism, I feel…


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