Posted by: Ciaran | February 21, 2010

Production day six

I spent a lot of Friday (and Thursday afternoon) fighting with technology. Having always used InDesign, transferring over to QuarkXPress should be a simple matter of teaching an old dog a few new tricks. Except if I were a dog I’d be a fat, lazy one sat in front of a fire chewing on some slippers rather than dodging around the garden doing backflips through hula hoops.

But after a short while I got back in to the swing of things and, crash-related breakdowns aside, I quite enjoyed it. The most difficult thing about subbing, I think, is the level of subjectivity there is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and nearly everyone has a different opinion on whether an article should be ruled off, or in a column with a tint, or emboldened, or slashed to make way for a bigger picture – the list goes on.

At least when you’re writing the problem is largely out of your hands. You (hopefully) get given a word count, and then you write your copy to fill the space. It is then the difficult duty of the sub to try and make everything fit on the page, often losing some incredibly worthy copy to squash everything in.

So while it was fun getting back to doing some designing and playing around with pictures (as well as getting to read some great copy written by my colleagues), I can’t wait to be back out of the office with a notebook in my hand at court on Tuesday…


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