Posted by: Ciaran | February 23, 2010

Production day seven

Long day. A very long day. I reported from Cardiff Magistrates’ Court today – well, I say reported. I spent most of my time fiddling around waiting for something to come out of what was a turgid and at times bureaucratic legal system, with a lot of talk and not much end product.

I’m not sure how good an idea magistrates are. If they were legally trained I think the process would be somewhat quicker, and you’d get fewer defendants not turning up (most of the defendants I saw seemed so relaxed in the place that it was as though they were part of the furniture).

There should be more respect for the UK’s court of first instance – but it needs to earn it.


On a lighter note, I was slightly sympathetic to one defendant who had repeatedly failed to appear in court. Her defence counsel stood up and explained that our missing friend was under curfew from “7pm in the morning to 7am at night.” No wonder she can’t get there on time…



  1. did you know about this guy? he’s doing some pretty cool stuff….

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