Posted by: Ciaran | February 28, 2010

Production day eight

I think Friday was my favourite production day so far. I was riding high on adrenaline after only getting an hour and forty-five minutes of kip on Thursday night because I’d been covering Cardiff Council’s meeting where they were setting their annual budget and I ended up writing copy in the office until 1.40am. I’ve got no complaints about that – I really enjoyed going to cover an event which has such an impact on people’s lives in the city and it is also a good insight into what working for local newspapers is like.

On the day itself I was a head office reporter, so I was chasing up stories, reading papers, producing graphics about council tax, and going down to the office of the UK Borders Agency to cover a protest by No Borders South Wales. I was lucky enough to speak to people there who had interesting stories about why it was no longer safe for them to go back to their own countries, yet they claimed they were being denied definitive decisions as to their leave to remain in the UK.

Over this course and my previous experience in the media, I have often found people reluctant to speak to anyone identifying them as a journalist. But at the protest there was an orderly queue of people who waited patiently to tell me their stories, and who wanted to stay in touch and speak more about their struggle for asylum. It was a refreshing change and also gave me an insight in to the power of journalism – people believe telling someone with a pad and pen can make a difference. Long may it continue.


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