Posted by: Ciaran | March 2, 2010

Production day nine

I was charged with the task of being a district reporter today, so I was out pounding the pavements of Canton in search of news stories. I don’t mind the ‘lone wolf’ isolation of reporting by myself – it’s quite nice being able to be your own boss and do what you think works rather than having to try and find stories by committee.

It’s also an incentive to push yourself forward and talk to people rather than letting someone else take the strain. Not that there were many people to chat to when I arrived in Cowbridge Road East at 7am.

The first two hours were cold, to say the least, as I trudged all the way up the road reading notices in every single shop window and wishing I’d brought my gloves with me.

Just before 9am I popped in to Chapter Arts Centre in search of a bacon sandwich, only to find the chef had “had a problem with the buses” and there was no food available.

A cup of tea revived me, and then I was back out to try and get some quotes for a story. I doorstepped the property in question and was given perhaps the most frustrating response you can give to a journalist: “I’ll talk to you if you call back – later in the week.”

Not helpful when you’ve got a deadline. In the time we argued about it, he could easily have given me a comment.

After that I was chasing around getting pictures and making calls, and I spent an enjoyable hour at ethical shop Fair Do’s listening to a talk about Fairtrade Fortnight.

Just before I left I spotted a car which had had its window smashed in last night, though trying to make much of a story of it was tricky as the victim was quite cagey about speaking to me and hadn’t yet reported the crime to the police.

While I loved being out of the office on a production day for a change, one thing I didn’t like was not being in the loop of which stories we had – when I got to the office things which I thought the newsdesk would want to use were immediately spiked as we already had better stories in the can.

Fair enough, but disappointing when you’ve spent the morning chasing around after every little story you can find. Perhaps the lone wolf should be a bit more selective in the hunt for prey…



  1. Really enjoying reading these updates – keep it going!

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