Posted by: Ciaran | March 10, 2010

Production day eleven

I was subbing again yesterday, which meant another day being exposed to the whims of QuarkXPress – I probably can’t sum it up as well as Whitney Houston (sort of) does here.

After 11 production days I think we’re all a lot more au fait with how everything works and there isn’t quite such a fraught feel to proceedings as there was in the first couple of weeks. But it all went a bit bonkers again yesterday when, a little over an hour before deadline, both of the sports pages went completely up the spout – leaving Sports Editor Rob Goodman in a pretty tight spot.

I managed to crash through the remaining aspects of my news page and get on with helping Rob in what turned out to be a pretty spectacular salvage job – I wouldn’t have thought it was possible, but Rob said what he wanted, I neatened a few things up around the edges and we still got two pretty good sports pages out by the deadline.

Yet again I was reminded of the importance of saving regularly and it also highlighted the reliance we have on technology – but to be honest, I’m glad it was just a couple of pages that crashed rather than, say, a power cut. Now that would be seriously bad news – in every way.


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