Posted by: Ciaran | March 22, 2010

News in the nude: the week’s stories undressed

So, Samantha Cameron is pregnant. It’s going to be incredibly interesting to see how much coverage this gets in the coming weeks, especially since the issue of the leaders’ wives involvement in the campaign to become Prime Minister arose about a month ago.

Politics is often a bit of a smoke and mirrors game as it is, but ‘playing politics’ in the media is going to be a huge bone of contention in the run-up to the General Election – predictably, within an hour or so of the news being announced, people on Twitter were querying whether it was a ‘tactical’ pregnancy and whether the Conservatives have now played their trump card.

It’s going to be interesting to see how these sort of snippets can set the news agenda of the coming weeks and months – what effect, for example, will the “baby joy” of ‘SamCam’ (tomorrow’s headline in at least one paper, I expect) have on the way Alistair Darling’s Budget tomorrow is covered?

More interesting, though, is what will come out in the weeks to come. Smears, cheers and jeers – I can’t wait.


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