Posted by: Ciaran | April 3, 2010

Fitness to practise

I’ve not been able to blog in the last week or so due to lack of internet access outside of working hours and then getting home and taking a couple of days off to recharge.

After finishing in Cardiff, I got the train up to Leeds for a week’s work attachment at the Yorkshire Post. I was feeling pretty tired after eight intensive weeks of course production days, but I was also very excited about putting the new skills I had developed to the test in a fast-moving and demanding newsroom.

I had a great week there and the people were incredibly friendly, and I was so lucky to be kept constantly busy by the news editor, Hannah Start. It was a good time to be doing a work attachment as the long Easter weekend meant they needed to get plenty in the bank for the quieter days, so I was writing non-stop on everything from academics to forestry, charity treks to gun-toting grannies.

In relation to my production day experience at Cardiff, my week at the YP was most like being a head office reporter as I was desk-based rather than out chasing stories on the ground, and it was pretty fruitful.

I was shorthanding for all I was worth in phone interviews, trawling the net and scouring the nationals each day for potential stories, and pitching an idea of my own which turned in to a nice page five lead on Friday (can’t find it online at the moment, sadly) and also prompted a leader from op-ed editor Tom Richmond.

It was a great week and gave me a lot of confidence in applying everything I’ve learned since starting my postgrad in September. I was lucky enough to end on a real high with this story about the High Court injunction against the RMT, which made the front page of Friday’s paper.

Now it’s a week of refreshing my tired brain before my next placement at the Northampton Chronicle & Echo, which I’m really looking forward to.


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