Posted by: Ciaran | April 13, 2010

Playing the waiting game

Journalists need a good coat. That is another one of the lessons I have learned in the last two days. Today, after an eventful morning where I saw my story from yesterday in print and started working on another page lead for tomorrow, I went out to meet former shadow minister for education John Hayes.

He was meeting two Conservative prospective parliamentary candidates at Northampton College to discuss education with the principal there, and we went along to get some photos and ask about academies.

Except, like Nick Clegg yesterday, he was late. This meant standing around outside chatting quite happily, but for the fierce wind that was blowing. Not having learned my lesson from yesterday, I’d gone out once again with nothing but a suit jacket for protection.

From there it was on to meet Ed Balls at Barclaycard, where once again the assembled media were forced to wait – except this time cups of tea and seats were provided in the building’s swish exterior to make the delay more enjoyable.

As one BBC journalist there said to me: “The reality is that a lot of this job is waiting around going ‘where are they?'”

Just two days in to this placement and I can see exactly what he means… Where’s my coat?


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