Posted by: Ciaran | April 19, 2010

News in the nude: the week’s stories undressed

So, Nick Clegg is the new Barack Obama. But will his dramatic ‘victory’ in the inaugural leaders debate last Thursday night actually work against him?

Heading in to round two this Thursday, you can’t help but think Clegg has the most to lose. His performance last week showed nous and charisma, but perhaps he has played his hand too early.

David Cameron, by contrast, seemed to flounder on the stage but he could be well placed to turn it around going forward in to the penultimate debate.

Gordon Brown seemed to be the straightest talking politcally last week, putting policy ahead of personality. But Nick Clegg’s casual, hands-in-pockets approach and his knack for making himself memorable and personable has seen his stock soar since Thursday.

The Liberal Democrats have an incredibly well-oiled PR campaign running for this election, and no doubt the staff manning his battle bus will have had a frantic last few days keeping their man in the limelight.

So going in to the week of the second debate, the upper hand is Clegg’s to lose – not necessarily in the race for Number 10 yet, but in the battle to keep hold of the political momentum.

If he tops the polls in all three weeks then maybe, just maybe, these leaders debates could have a greater effect on this General Election than anyone could have reasonably expected.


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