Posted by: Ciaran | April 29, 2010

The end of an epic trilogy

Tonight’s final prime ministerial debate was tough-talking, attritional stuff: less of the showmanship of the last two weeks and more real policy.

Not to mention more make-up. Boy was there make-up. David Cameron looked like a salmon, while Nick Clegg’s face looked a bit like he’d been on a dodgy sunbed. Gordon Brown, as always, was the least dolled up.

But on policy they all talked tough, and each tried to knock his nearest rival away in a political act of fly-swatting. The polls rushed out at the end suggest a Conservative ‘victory’ in the debate, with ComRes putting Mr Cameron just ahead of Mr Clegg, while their poll of voting intentions has the Tories and the Lib Dems neck-and-neck.

It’s at the ballot box where the real victory will come from though, and all of the party leaders recognised that in their closing speeches.

They all talked of choices and decisions to be made by them and by the people. “There will be difficult decisions but I want to lead us through those to greater times ahead,” said Mr Cameron.

Nick Clegg, who has gained by far the most out of these debates, went next. He told voters: “This is your election. This is your country.”

Gordon Brown made an interesting point when he said the debates has been “the answer to people who say that politics doesn’t matter.”

The debates won’t, however important they are, make the difference. Politics is all about people, and the electorate now have to make their choice.

As Mr Brown concluded: “It is up to the people to decide and it is your decision.”


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