Posted by: Ciaran | May 8, 2010


A hung Parliament was just about the last thing the papers could have wanted as it means the party they’ve been backing over the election campaign could end up having to jump into bed with someone they don’t like quite as much.

The Daily Mail is just one of the right of centre publications which has led an offensive against Nick Clegg in the last fortnight, but now it faces the prospect of having to watch him cosy up to David Cameron in a coalition.

Theoretically it should be a lot easier for the broadcaster media, who are bound by Ofcom’s impartiality guidelines.

But Sky News has come under fire for what has been deemed to be sensational and selective campaign coverage, often sidelining any positive moments for the Labour campaign and brushing away awkwardness for Mr Cameron.

And today at the electoral reform protest outside the meeting of the Liberal Democrats in Westminster, Sky presenter Kay Burley was on the receiving end of a torrent abuse who were shouting: “Sack Kay Burley! Watch the BBC!”

The abuse was also directed at Rupert Murdoch, who has been accused of wanting to make his British news channel like its notoriously partisan cousin in the USA, Fox News.

Before long, ‘Sack Kay Burley’ was a trending topic on Twitter, as discussed in this excellent post by Matt Wells.

The social media army are out again, and after an election campaign which has been the most digital ever, it’s clear not only the media are capable of being incredibly partisan and angry.


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