Posted by: Ciaran | May 11, 2010

Changing of the Gord

Gordon Brown has tonight resigned as Prime Minister, finally resolving the days of uncertainty after last Thursday’s General Election.

And he has stepped down immediately from the leadership of the Labour Party, meaning the candidates can now come forward and stake a claim for the position.

In his resignation speech, Mr Brown emotionally paid tribute to his wife, Sarah, and his two sons. He said he had loved being a Prime Minister because of its “great capacity for good”.

He was gracious and dignified, wishing the next Prime Minister well “as he makes the important choices for the future.”

And he conceded he had learned a lot about his own “frailties”, bravely fronting up to some of the criticism he has faced during his tenure as PM.

It will be interesting to see what Mr Brown does now – whether he chooses to remain in the House of Commons and sit as a backbencher, or retreat a little from the glare of the media and perhaps spend more time with his two young sons.

But before all that plays itself out, the next stage will be to see whether the Liberal Democrats will form a full coalition with the Conservative Party, and what shape that will take.

Now, after the rolling news channels have been waiting for five days for the ‘breaking news’, it’s all happening at once…


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