Posted by: Ciaran | May 27, 2010

Coming back in to focus

Exactly a fortnight ago I wrote this post about how easily even the most monumental of stories are able to slide off the news agenda, using the Haiti earthquake as an example.

And then today, Press Gazette reports ITV will next week screen the first of a series of special films shot by children who live in Leogane, the earthquake’s epicentre.

I think this is brilliant, on so many levels.

The children have had the chance to plan, record, produce and direct all of their own footage about life in Haiti since the earthquake in January after being trained by an ITV cameraman.

Not only have they had the opportunity to do something (hopefully) cathartic, but they have been taught great new skills which they may be able to put to good use in the future.

And it shows that the media hasn’t forgotten, either.

After my blog two weeks ago, Adam Tinworth responded by saying the market was geared towards news – rather than reporting – which was why stories could fade away so easily.

He’s absolutely right and, as his blog post says, the extended pieces of reporting are where the lines between newspaper reporting and magazine journalism seem to meet.

But outside the sphere of that debate is the reporting which broadcasters can do – and these human interest, news follow-up stories can often be very powerful.

Telescoped through the eyes of a young survivor rather than a journalist, I expect it to be even more so.


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