Posted by: Ciaran | August 23, 2010

A change of pace

After a couple of weeks out of the journalistic world enjoying a holiday in much sunnier climes, it was back to reality this week.

But it was a change of focus from the intense pattern of writing for the dailies, as I’m now working on Wales on Sunday for four weeks.

Much as I love the challenge of a rapid turnaround of producing stories every day, I’ve really enjoyed my first week writing for WoS.

It has been my first taste of writing for a Sunday paper, and – obviously – it’s a totally different routine.

The more investigative nature of the stories generally means they take longer to research and put together, and the happy collateral of that is you’re not sat praying for somebody to answer the phone before the end of the day or reply to your emails as you know you’ve got a bit of time to prepare the article.

As the emphasis is for the pieces to be a bit more hard-hitting, it can mean a change of approach is necessary, too. This week, for example, was the first time when I’ve had to change clothes before leaving the office, as the usual suit and tie would have made me highly conspicuous.

It’s another learning curve for me, and no doubt there will be many lessons in the weeks to come, but it has been a great introduction in to the world of Sunday papers so far.

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